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IDM – Identity Management

The UK’s Leading Event for Risk Driven business-centric IAM luminaries, practitioners and end-users from across government and large enterprise organisations. Join thought-leaders and innovators at Whitehall Media’s leading 15th Biannual Identity Management Conference to identify new frontiers and opportunities, discuss ways to transform your IAM infrastructure into an actionable critical business resource and review the latest trends and technologies shaping the IAM sector to help you stay ahead of the curve.

21. Juni 2017 | Victoria Park Plaza, London

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Money 20/20 Europe

A world-class experience for European innovators across industries and company types, Money20/20 Europe is more than just an event. It’s a catalyst for the growth and development of the payments and financial services ecosystem.

The payments, financial services and retail sectors are currently experiencing an accelerated period of product development, characterised by technology and regulatory-based disruption. In this new emerging reality, collaboration is the key to survival. Money20/20 Europe is engineered to bring together all the stakeholders with a part to play in the commerce revolution: payments and financial services providers, banks and non-banks, the mobile ecosystem, the retail industry (offline and online), marketing services and data companies, investors, advisory firms and government bodies.

26. Juni 2017 | Copenhagen, Denmark

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600Minutes Executive IT

Seien Sie herzlich willkommen zu Gedankenaustausch mit Ihren Fachkollegen und effizientem Networking! Sie werden inspirierende Keynote-Vorträge hören und die wichtigsten Lösungsanbieter in Ihrem Gebiet treffen.

12. Oktober 2017 | Bonn, Germany

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